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Pilgrimage to Holy Year Cross 2000
(click on images to see large photograph)

Joe Kenny (21/5/2000)

pilgrimage01 pilgrimage02 pilgrimage03 pilgrimage04 pilgrimage05 pilgrimage06
pilgrimage01.jpg pilgrimage02.jpg pilgrimage03.jpg pilgrimage04.jpg pilgrimage05.jpg pilgrimage06.jpg
pilgrimage07 pilgrimage08 pilgrimage09 pilgrimage10 pilgrimage11 pilgrimage12
pilgrimage07.jpg pilgrimage08.jpg pilgrimage09.jpg pilgrimage10.jpg pilgrimage11.jpg pilgrimage12.jpg
pilgrimage13 pilgrimage14 pilgrimage15 pilgrimage16 pilgrimage17 pilgrimage18
pilgrimage13.jpg pilgrimage14.jpg pilgrimage15.jpg pilgrimage16.jpg pilgrimage17.jpg pilgrimage18.jpg
pilgrimage19 pilgrimage20
pilgrimage19.jpg pilgrimage20.jpg


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